Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fireplace Magic

There is something magical about the fireplace during the colder months. Whether you are decorating the mantel for the holidays, cozying up under a blanket while watching the flames dance, or simply waiting for Santa to come down the chimney, no one can deny they add a special something to the home.  

Fireplaces are pretty versatile as well. In the warmer months (which are most of the year in Wrightsville Beach!), you can easily replace logs with a few candles or a string of lights to create that beautiful glow without the heat. For easy lighting, wax-dipped pinecones make great kindling and if the wax just happens to be scented, the pinecones will add a pleasant scent in addition to your wood logs(Have an electric or gas fireplace? Save the wax pinecones for the outdoor (wood-burning) fire pit.) 

Not sure how to maintain your fireplace or just need some tips? Check out The Fireside Blog by Napoleon. They have a ton of helpful information. 

Our Favorite Fireplaces from Around the Web 

Our Favorite Fireplaces from Around Wrightsville Beach & Wilmington 
Just because we live at the beach that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate and desire a fireplace of our own! Here are a few homes and condos currently listed for sale that feature at least one fireplace. Click the address for more information. 

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