Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to Be a Savvy Home Buyer

As real estate agents for some of the most sought after properties in the southeast, we strive to educate and prepare our clients for what is often the largest single purchase they'll ever make. The process of shopping for a home can elicit a full range of feelings from elation to worry. That's why as the Boy Scout motto will tell you, it is best to "Be prepared".

1. Establish a budget - Even though you may be looking at homes that fall within your price range, some other factors could come into play such as HOA fees, flood insurance and assessments. To keep things in perspective, create a budget that includes those types of extras.

2. Become preapproved - For those who will be taking out a mortgage, becoming preapproved helps you search for homes that will be more financially feasible. Sure, looking at luxury properties is fun and may give you lots of inspiration for things to do for your home when you find it. However, in this competitive market, while you're perusing listings that are out of reach, the ideal property could just slip through your fingers.

3. Be decisive - Although we want our clients to be absolutely sure about their decisions, sometimes competition is fierce. That's why it pays to be organized and realistic about what you what and what you can afford. As you look for your dream home, be realistic and aware that there will be very few coastal properties out there that meet 100 percent of your specifications. Instead, looking for a place that completes 90 percent of your checklist could net success!

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