Saturday, February 28, 2015

Interesting Real Estate Apps

Late winter and early spring may seem like a slow and sleepy time of year for real estate in southeastern North Carolina. However, thanks to the Internet, smart phones and cloud-based technology, it is actually a whirlwind of activity! Of course we strive to cover all of the bases through our informative and detail oriented website, however, when it comes to buying and selling property, the right app can help us all stay one step ahead! After a quick check of reviews on the Internet, here's a look at some of the most popular real estate apps.

Home Buying Power

This app is for iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch and comes from NotTooShabby Software for $1.99. This is an excellent tool for anxious house hunters. All too often when looking at several homes, things can get confusing. Geared at keeping track of what the buyer can afford, this app calculates which properties are within reach, based on financial data the prospective buyer inputs. It also analyzes considerations such as current interest rates, if the desired monthly payment will work, estimated closing costs, and provides an amortization table for the monthly mortgage payments.

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

This app is a wonderful tool for first time home buyers who would like to bone up on terms they may not be 100 percent clear on, such as CMA, HOA, MLS, earnest money, equity, or full disclosure. The app features over 3,000 examples of real estate terminology. Many are further illustrated with easy to use charts and graphs. Even better, it does not require Internet access to use, plus it has a 1 letter search function, e-mail and saved search function.


Designed especially for busy house hunters, this app helps keep all of the properties organized. CrumbTracks makes a running list of which homes have been seen and creates separate files for photos, videos, and notes on points like square footage, amenities, and fixtures. There is also a mapping function that zeroes in on prospective properties and shows neighborhood features that are synced to the user's needs, such as public transportation, schools, parks, or medical facilities.

Photo Measures

It happens all the time-house hunters think they can remember minute details, like basic dimensions of rooms, doors, or windows, but when push comes to shove, it's not clear if that new sectional or Aunt Martha's baby grand will fit in the chosen corner. Big Blue Pixel has come up with the perfect solution to ensure that you'll get measurements. Simply snap photos with your iPhone or iPad and place the arrows from the app on top of the photo and viola! Instant dimensions! At 6.99 it's pricier than most, however, users seem to love it.

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