Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How to Give Your Listing the Wow Factor - Even in Winter

The winter months are often considered the off-season for home sales. Many hopeful homebuyers choose to bide their time until spring or summer. It happens this way for several reasons. Folks are often very busy during the holidays and resolve to get their ducks in a row after New Year's Day.

After January, chilly weather and tax time may also force potential buyers to put their plans on hold. Fortunately, there are always interested buyers looking for the perfect property in our area. Here are a few tips for bringing out the best in your listing even with Jack Frost around!

  • Prior to putting up outdoor holiday decorations, make sure to tidy up all of your property's landscaped areas and exterior. Rake, mow, blow, wash windows and pressure wash if needed.
  • Inside, before putting up the tree and decorating, make the place sparkle with a thorough deep cleaning. It's a tough balance to achieve this time of year, but try to get rid of most personal items and clutter. When a home is closed up on cold, dreary days, an excessive amount of stuff can overshadow its true appeal.
  • Avoid heavy window treatments. Achieve that easy breezy coastal feel with unobstructed windows that will create an openness especially if your home boasts any impressive coastal views.
  • No one can look at property when they are freezing and uncomfortable-so keep the place toasty warm. A good rule of thumb is to maintain a temperature somewhere between 70 and 75 degrees. 
  • On those unseasonably warm days, fling open a few windows and doors and air things out. Because beach sand and pet hair can be a problem, remember to keep carpets vacuumed and pet areas tidy. Also, be sure to change the heating and air conditioning system filters regularly.
  • By now we are all familiar with the ways enticing scents add to a listing's appeal. Avoid the temptation to overdo it with scented candles and air fresheners-keep it real! Instead of a heavily perfumed candle, fill the air with aroma of cinnamon oatmeal cookies, mulled cider, or rich, hot cocoa. Prospective buyers will likely enjoy a warming treat and appreciate how inviting your home is.
  • Create intimate settings and unexpected retreats throughout the residence. You can also incorporate the power of suggestion with a seasonal twist. For example: a bright bowl of citrus fruit or luscious holiday cake on a pedestal stand in the kitchen, a lit fire, stacks of books and woven throws in the living room, plush towels, robes, and rugs in the bath, an inviting reading nook in a window seat, or an elegant table set for a romantic dinner for two in the dining room.
  • After the holidays, and no later than January 1st, remove all of the holiday d├ęcor and replace it with a few welcoming touches. Need ideas? How about: wintertime blooms like bulbs and pansies, a new front door mat, mailbox flag or a DIY bird sanctuary with feeders and a bird bath?

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