Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall Spruce Ups for Your Coastal Property

Whether you are anxious to add curb appeal for a potential sale, or just ready to say “bye-bye” to summer and “hello fall”, here are some easy ways to do it:

-Go ahead and uproot those tired out summer annuals. Pansies and mums are in season and will breathe new life into outdoor containers and borders.

-Mow (maybe for the last time this year!) and sweep or blow all of your outdoor areas, including decks, porches and patios. Clean, uncluttered spaces say, “fall fresh!”

-Pile on some pumpkins. Although they may eventually become jack-o-lanterns, a few bright orange pumpkins artfully placed make for a cheery, welcoming display. Try arranging a few up the steps or with some pots of mums on an inexpensive bale of hay for an instant outdoor focal point. There are some amazing looking heirloom varieties in all shapes and colors. Look for these heirloom types locally: Lumina-bright orange, Pokemon-orange and white striped, Yokohama-bluish black, and Polar Bear-white.

-Since “fall is for planting” now is the time to make your landscape more interesting by introducing some new plants, bulbs, trees or shrubs. How about adding a few colors with Japanese maples or painted ferns? Does your property get enough sun for a fruit or nut tree?

Call or stop by the Arboretum and the local agricultural extension service for suggestions and how-tos: 910-798-7660

-Summer showers and humid weather can leave a coastal property looking dingy. It is also encourages mold and mildew to set in. That’s why fall is the ideal time to give your home’s exterior a good scrub or pressure wash. Many homeowners are surprised how having a place pressure washed often makes it look like it’s been freshly painted!

-Get artsy and install a water garden, sculpture, gate or arbor. Such things will give your home character and make it unique.

-Retire that flip-flop doormat and replace with one that reflects the season.

-Add a fall wreath to the front door for an instant attention grabber.

When your place is looking its best, you’ll feel good about taking time out for some favorite fall activities, like fishing, football in the park, beach combing and sharpening up those oyster knives!

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