Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer's Almost Over - Don't Miss Your Chance to…

Think back to that first day of summer. Were you full of plans, hopes, and expectations? Perhaps this was the summer that you were going to finally learn how to surf, sail, or finally find a shark's tooth. Maybe you had hoped to run the entire Loop, paddle across to Masonboro or track down your dream house? Chances are, you still can!

With Labor Day just weeks away, it's time to get busy. The good news is that there are still scores of awesome things to do until summer's official end. There's the Monday Farmers Market, Tuesday yoga at the park, free concerts, birding tours, the Blockade Runner's Thursday night sunset SUP series, Sunday music at Bluewater, surf contests and more.

Check out the What's on Wilmington calendar and make the most of what's left of summer. There is also a good list of things to do in Wilmington and the area beaches at including information on area attractions, road trip ideas, tours, and outdoor activities.

The new Coastal Federation headquarters has its own calendar of events and the activities are fun as well as educational. One of their most popular new programs is a coastal cooking class. The one for August is: Cruising, Clamming, and Chowder-read about it here:

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Home Maintenance Tips for Coastal Homeowners

As any homeowner knows, the job of maintaining a property is ongoing. This is especially true when it comes to homes along the coast. All of those qualities that make the location so special: the salt air, gentle breezes and abundant sunshine, can also cause quite a bit of wear and tear! To ensure that your coastal property is properly maintained, please review our easy checklist:

  • Conduct an annual inspection of the HVAC system and change the filters regularly. Keep the air fresh and dust-free by keeping the returns clean. 
  • With beach properties, keeping surfaces looking their best can be tricky due to the salt air. Cross-ventilation is wonderful on those days when the AC can be turned off. However, there is always a little moisture in the air, so be sure to periodically wipe down all surfaces, windows, and doors
  • Each year, preferably before hurricane season, check the seals in all of your home's windows and doors. If your place has any weather stripping, check it as well.
  • Keep a broom and dustpan handy. Beach sand is rough on both hardwood floors and carpet. Since most vacuums were not made to handle massive amounts of sand, sweep up the areas around entrances, porches, walkways, and decks, before vacuuming.
  • Make a thorough inspection for signs of any rot, mildew or excess moisture. Areas of concern are crawl spaces, foundations, basements, rooflines, and attics. If you locate the source of a leak, have it repaired immediately! Warmer, drier summer weather allows areas that may have held moisture to dry out. They will be much easier to repair or replace now.
  • Since most beach homes are light in color, they can really get dingy fast! Pressure washing is an easy way to remove months of dirt and salt water residue plus stop mold and mildew in their tracks. It is also an easy, affordable and quick way to spruce up decks, rails, porches, driveways, and patios. Pressure washing takes the drudgery out of cleaning outdoor furniture, and it's the basic first step to take before any painting, staining, or sealing. 
  • For coastal homeowners, sealing decks should be an annual to-do. Salt air, salt water and the brutal sun are tough on any exposed woodwork, especially decks. This is one of those annual to-dos that pays off by extending the lifetime of your investment!
  • Periodically inspect your home's exterior from top to bottom. Look for missing shingles, damaged siding, and anything that needs attention. Catching issues early is often the key to avoiding bigger, expensive headaches later on down the road. Be sure to check around the foundation to make sure there are no problems with moisture. 
  • Keep plantings, shrubs, and trees under control with regular pruning. Remove any large trees that could pose a threat to your home in hurricane force winds. 

If you are considering buying a home in or around Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, we're here to help. Give us a call today at 910-256-6998 or check out current listings online.

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