Monday, May 5, 2014

How to Choose and Pack the Perfect Beach Bag

Before we know it, beach season will be here! Whether your dream day consists of sunning in a low-slung sand chair, swimming laps in the salt water, surfing, boating, or beachcombing, having what you need in easy reach is essential.

Here is our official guide to choosing and packing the "Perfect Beach Bag."

The Bag…
  • Choose a bag that is neutral enough to go with most everything. Solid colors, neutral beiges and creams are good options.
  • Having outside pockets makes it easy to reach for important stuff like keys, water bottles, sunscreen and change for parking meters.
  • A bag made of a waterproof material such as heavy-duty canvas, sailcloth, or vinyl, really helps keep things dry. A bag outfitted with a big easy to use zipper is vital for avoiding disaster when those summer showers pop up!
  • Some beach bags are made like large, fat book bags. These are nice to keep hands free for carrying your surfboard, beach chair, or sack of sand toys.
What to pack…
  • Sunscreen and lip protection(waterproof & SPF of at least 30)
  • Water bottle that's BPA-free and refillable
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat with a strap or clip in case the wind picks up
  • Healthy snacks-cut up fruit and veggies, nuts, whole grain crackers and pretzels
  • Reading material
  • Zip-loc baggies or plastic snack boxes are nice for storing treasures you may find…such as sea glass, shells, and tiny stones-also a handy way to organize other items and keep them dry and sand-free, such as electronics, sunscreen, and of course food
  • Small bottle of vinegar in case of a jellyfish sting
  • Beach cover-up, dry clothes or sundress-just in case you get enough sun or want to go into a local business or restaurant
  • Beach towel or not? They are often bulky and get covered in sand-may be better left at the cottage or in the car where it can be put to better use-instead, try a small hand towel to keep your hands clean and dry
Other nice to haves: waterproof camera, leave-in conditioner, and a few indulgences like a cooling citrus spray, fruit smoothie or gourmet cookie!

Enjoy the beach season!

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