Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Invest in a Wetsuit for Winter in Wrightsville Beach

Are you a fair-weather beach goer? Love swimming and boogie boarding in the clear blue-green Atlantic waters of Wrightsville Beach, but only as long as the sea water temperature is closer to bath water? With winter on the way, there's no need to abandon some of your favorite pastimes. Owning a wetsuit could open up possibilities that you may have never considered!

Wetsuits have come a long way in recent years and most novice owners are shocked when they realize how toasty they can be in a layer of neoprene. With 4 full-service surf shops right on the island of Wrightsville Beach, suiting up in a little "rubber" is a snap. Just be aware that trying on your first full wetsuit can be…well…an unusual experience. Let's just say that a little previous know-how in regard to pulling on a pair of pantyhose or tights will help. Winter is also a good time for purchasing a wetsuit package, because there are often special holiday deals, and Santa may be willing to participate!

As the proud new owner of a wetsuit, you'll be able to feel the invigorating splash of cold salt water in your face while the rest of you stays nice and warm. Now you can swim, boogie board, kayak, SUP, or paddle out into the lineup with ease. Prepare for prolonged feelings of extreme exhilaration!

Having a jug of warm water in the car for a post-fun rinse is nice along with a changing poncho and a Rubbermaid tub for your wetsuit.

No need to abandon the water now that winter is on the way.  A wet suit is the ideal way to prolong your favorite beach-going days throughout the year.

Enjoy the "off" season!

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