Monday, August 5, 2013

Perfect Beach Day Itinerary for Wrightsville Beach

Whether you are new to the area or an overworked local, sometimes going coastal is easier said than done. It could be that there are too many responsibilities on the home or office front. Perhaps you have the perception that a day at the beach can not happen until you have a new swimsuit, state of the art beach chair, or spray tan? The truth is, spending an entire day or just a few hours walking along the beach, splashing in the surf, or gazing at the sea can be extremely rejuvenating. Occasionally, we all need a little push to get out there and like the Nike ad says, "just do it." So, if you've been procrastinating, now's the time to languish in the sun, drink in the salt air and kick back on one of the prettiest stretches of beach in the world. Here's an easy plan to walk you through the process:

Check the weather and pick your day. Pack the car the night before, but don't go overboard. Address your needs and add an indulgence or two, like a gourmet fruit cup, new magazine or cooling citrus spray, but keep it simple. You don't want to start your day in the sun like an overloaded pachyderm!

Strategize your parking. It is $2 an hour to park at Wrightsville Beach between 9am and 6pm. You can use a ticket from one of the machines at the metered spaces anywhere on the island. You can also use the Park-By-Phone system or bring a roll of quarters. Considering the natural beauty and all of the possibilities, even at $2 an hour, Wrightsville Beach is still an entertainment bargain!

Plan your beach activities- or play it by ear. Once you've parked, unloaded, and set up your spot on the beach, now the choice is up to you. What will it be?-People watching, swimming, strolling, shelling, napping, or finally getting into that summer read? When was the last time you built a sand castle, lolled around in a tidal pool, or plunked your beach chair right at the edge of the surf? Again, take Nike's advice! Just do it.

Getting food near the beach. When hunger pangs hit, if you did not pack a lunch, no worries. Depending on where you are on the beach, there are several options, just an easy walk away. Some of the noteworthy standbys include Johnny Mercer's Pier, Vito's, the Trolley Stop, and of course, Robert's Grocery where you can still get a Saran wrapped pimiento cheese sandwich or some of that famous chicken salad! Both the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort and the Blockade Runner welcome outside visitors to their poolside grills. Please note, appropriate clothing is a must, such as a cover-up, and only hotel guests may use the pool - but who cares? - the food is great!

Swimming (and more sunscreen). If you have the afternoon free, make sure to reapply sunscreen and maybe break out a hat. It may be time for a refreshing swim. Wrightsville Beach is great for swimming and unlike many beaches, during the summer months, it is staffed with a team of vigilant, qualified life guards.

Take a stroll along the beach. As your day winds down, walking all the way to the south end can be quite promising. Depending on the conditions, you may see some world-class surfers, SUPers, or kite surfers. Walking to Masonboro Inlet can provide some pretty impressive photo ops thanks to the area's local sailing community. Should you choose to head north, you'll be rewarded with sweeping views of Mason's Inlet and Figure Eight Island.

Catch the sunset. Hopefully, before heading home, you'll have time to take in a magnificent Wrightsville Beach sunset!

…a few more ideas:

Shopping. visit the gift shop at Johnny Mercer's pier or Wings for some postcards - won't your friends love hearing about your beach day - finally?

Collecting. When you walk, make it your mission to find at least one piece of sea glass or a shark's tooth.

Fresh catch. Stop by Mott's Seafood for DIY "fresh catch" dinner ingredients. During the summer they even offer local veggies to accompany your fried flounder, boiled shrimp, or grilled mahi!

Enjoy your Day at Wrightsville Beach!

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