Friday, May 3, 2013

Wrightsville Beach Boat Ramp Etiquette

Spring and summer are busy times for the only public boat ramp at Wrightsville Beach. Located at the junction of the I-40 terminus and US Hwy 74, aka the Martin Luther King Parkway, it is just to the left after crossing the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge. Although most boaters take a safe boating course, many never grasp the fact that practicing good manners should happen both in and out of the water. Before planning a day of boating or fishing, please review a few simple suggestions regarding boat ramp etiquette.
  • Practice makes perfect - If you are not comfortable maneuvering your vessel down the boat ramp and into the water, then by all means practice a few times before attempting it on a busy weekend morning. Everyone is anxious to start their day on the water, so please don't hold up fellow boaters while you try and try again.
  • Pack the boat before leaving home - The public boat ramp is not the place to transfer everything you'll need for the day from your car. Take care of that before you have your boat trailer poised on the ramp holding up traffic. Consider what you'll need, load it up, ice it down and secure it properly before leaving home.
  • Pay it forward - Remember the kind old salty dog who came to your rescue with some WD-40 when your winch seized up? When you see someone having trouble - be that guy! Rather than getting impatient and surly, offer a hand and be prepared to get turned down - it's a man thing, ok? If that happens, at least you tried!
  • Go the extra mile - Since the public ramp at Wrightsville Beach only has 68 parking spaces, consider having a friend or family member drive your vehicle and trailer back home or to your vacation rental, so the space can be free for one more boater. Who can't use a little extra good karma?
We hope these Wrightsville Beach boat ramp suggestions are helpful as we launch into our high season of boating and beach adventures. Enjoy!

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