Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Landfall Home for Sale - 1245 Arboretum Drive, Wilmington NC

A signature Landfall home is for sale at 1245 Arboretum Drive in Wilmington, North Carolina. Whimsically dubbed Chateau Relaxo, this well appointed estate features interior and exterior details that reflect the highest level of quality, taste, and elegance. Chateau Relaxo is quietly nestled in the heart of Wilmington's most prestigious address, the private gated community of Landfall.

Wilmington, N.C., May 2013 -- Hardee Hunt and Williams real estate team is pleased to offer a beautiful Landfall home for sale at 1245 Arboretum Drive in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Landfall is Wilmington's premier gated address and the whimsically named Chateau Relaxo is situated atop a secluded wooded knoll in the heart of the Landfall community.

A rare one room deep floorplan takes advantage of the home's park-like setting.  Vaulted ceilings and an abundance of windows offer stunning ambient daylight. There are four bedrooms including an elegant first floor master suite. Both the interior and exterior showcase a designer's masterful touch.

The wooded exterior offers seclusion and privacy while providing the perfect overflow entertaining area.  An expansive Piedmont stone patio and Charleston fountain garden become a grand outdoor bonus room accessed directly through the French doors of the kitchen suite, ideally created for Landfall's ocean cooled evenings.

The home and half-acre estate of Chateau Relaxo have been meticulously maintained by its owner. Buyers seeking upscale living in a private, unique location will find lasting value in this quintessential downsized estate home.

Landfall community amenities include optional membership at the Landfall Country Club with two luxury clubhouses, eighteen holes of championship golf by Pete Dye and twenty-seven holes by Jack Nicklaus.  Tennis is also a part of the Landfall Country Club, with fourteen varied court surfaces at the beautiful Drysdale complex. Other club amenities include a fitness center, Olympic pool, social events, and gourmet dining.  Club membership or not, all Landfall residents get to enjoy an abundance of nature trails or trails around Landfall Lake as well as community recreational facilities.

In addition to on-site amenities, Landfall is only minutes from gorgeous Wrightsville Beach and all the outdoor recreation it has to offer such as boating, paddling (kayak, canoe, stand-up paddleboard), surfing, biking, birding, and more.

Hardee Hunt and Williams is a specialty Wrightsville Beach real estate company dedicated to matching buyers and sellers with homes, investment properties, and condos in Landfall, Wrightsville Beach, and Figure Eight Island, North Carolina.

To learn more about Chateau Relaxo at 1245 Arboretum Drive in Landfall, please contact the agents at Hardee Hunt and Williams today: 910-256-6998 or visit Find photos and more details about the property at


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Hardee Hunt and Williams
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Wrightsville Beach, N.C. 28408

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Local NC Surfers Give Back

Think most Wrightsville Beach surfers are like Sean Penn's character Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High? For the most part, that stereotype could not be further from the truth. In fact, a number of area surfers have been recognized for their groundbreaking charity work and community outreach. Some of their efforts have taken them as far away as the beaches of India…and Norway.

In the words of IndoJax Surf School owner, Jack Viorel, "We are nothing unless we give back." Since moving to Wilmington from northern California several years ago, he has inspired the local surf community with this philosophy. Along with numerous free camps he conducts through his surf school, he has also worked extensively with a girl's orphanage in India. Making the sport accessible to a variety of individuals, from those with physical and mental challenges to military personnel and their families to inner-city youth is something Viorel feels strongly about. Last year, as a mission project to spread the news of how surfing can inspire and change lives, he and his team traveled to all four oceans, where they offered charity surf camps to special needs children.

WB Surf Camp holds Aloha Charity Surf Camps  in Wrightsville Beach each year.  In the past, they have offered an Alopecia and Cancer Survivor learn to surf camp as well as free camps for mothers and for teachers.  According to WB Surf Camp owner, Rick Civelli, "The purpose of our Aloha Camps is to share the restorative Hawaiian art of surfing with those who have a positive impact on the community or groups that we feel can benefit from the therapeutic healing powers of the ocean." 

Ocean Cure is a local nonprofit organization, which also uses surfing as a vehicle to change lives. The founders of Ocean Cure "believe very strongly in the powerful emotional and physical healing properties of the ocean and surfing." Along with holding free surf camps and clinics for medically fragile and at risk youth and adults, Ocean Cure is the main local coordinator for the "Life Rolls On-They Will Surf Again" event. California surfer, Jesse Billauer, founded Life Rolls On after a spinal cord injury resulted in his paralysis. "They Will Surf Again" is for those who've undergone spinal cord injuries. It takes place in several locations around the country. The enthusiasm of surfers along the Cape Fear Coast, have made this venue one of the most well attended. In 2011, Kevin Murphy, the president of Ocean Cure, accepted local TV channel WWAY's award that recognized Ocean Cure as the Cape Fear area's "Best Charity."

Surfer's Healing is an organization aimed at sharing the power of surfing with Autistic youth and adults. It was founded by Izzy Paskowitz, of the famous first family of surfing, who realized the positive influence surfing had on his autistic son. Local surfer, John Pike, heads up the annual event that typically takes place in August at Wrightsville Beach. Participants come from up and down the coast to participate in a day of surfing that celebrates the magic of the ocean.

In the words of the poet e.e. cummings:

"for whatever we lose~like a you or a me…
It's always ourselves that we find in the sea."

To learn more about the work of these worthwhile organizations, find out how to volunteer, and find out about their upcoming events, please visit

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stand Up Paddleboarding in Wrightsville Beach NC

Ready to Try the Hottest Watersport in Wrightsville Beach?

Wrightsville Beach is becoming a preferred destination for one of the world's fastest growing new sports. Stand Up Paddleboarding, known as SUPing, has gained steady popularity since its emergence in the 1960s. The sport originated in Hawaii, where its official term is "hoe he'e nalu". It is thought to have evolved from the practice Hawaiian surfers and instructors used to take surf photographs. Since around 2000, it has been embraced by surfing legends such as Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama. Although experienced surfers may take to the monster-sized boards as a means to catch more waves, newbies seeking a tamer experience are the reason the sport is spreading like wildfire.

The calm, clear waters of Wrightsville's channels, inlets, and waterways are often filled with SUPers. In fact, year round, the island is the site of several major SUP races and special events, including the coveted World Paddle Association-sanctioned Carolina Cup. It brings in highly skilled paddlers from around the globe and has gained fame for its challenging ocean courses and high level of competition.

The appeal of Stand Up Paddleboarding is likely due to the fact that almost anyone can do it. For flat paddling as opposed to catching waves on the beach side, very little athletic skill is required - just a little balance and some enthusiasm is all it takes! If you think you'd like to give it a go, there are scores of local businesses ready to lend a hand. Before investing in a paddle and board, try it out by taking a few lessons and using rental equipment. Chances are, you will be hooked the first time out. However, since SUP gear is pricey, it is highly recommended that you try it before you buy it.

As you plan your upcoming Wrightsville Beach SUP adventure, here's a handy list of things to keep in mind:

1. In 2010, the US Coast Guard made it mandatory for all adult stand-up paddlers to have a Type III-Personal Flotation Device-PFD, on board. SUPs are now classified as vessels and operators must also have a sound signaling device, such as a whistle, a visual distress signal, and a navigation light or flashlight. Kids 12 and under, must wear a life jacket at all times. Please do not let these points deter you - these items are for your safety, easy to obtain, and can be placed on the deck of your board, thanks to PFD pockets or special waterproof bags. Note also that these requirements are for paddlers who are traveling from point A to B, not for those entering from the beach side to SUP surf. For surfing SUPers, a leash is required, along with compliance to the surf zone regulations.

2. Aside from a paddle and board, paddlers should wear plenty of sunscreen, a hat, and water shoes. Although much of the bottom around Banks Channel and the ICW is sandy, there are also plenty of hazards that could cut your feet, such as oyster shells and broken glass.

3. Prepare to fall! That is, should you have on sunglasses or a hat, make sure they are tethered to you. Falling off the board is just part of the learning experience and even seasoned SUPers take a spill from time to time. Get back on and remember: "No one looks stupid when they are having fun."

4. Research where you are allowed to launch and park. Wynn Plaza and the public boat ramp are two good choices.

5. Just as you would with a day of boating, check the weather conditions before you go including the wind speed and direction and the tide times.

6. In Banks Channel, avoid close contact with swimmers, boaters, and jet skis. Be courteous to the cruising boats in the designated anchorage by keeping your distance and noise down.

7. Get ready to channel your inner warrior and experience the natural wonders of the water!

We hope you find these tips helpful and that you make the decision today to go out and try stand up paddleboarding at Wrightsville Beach!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Wrightsville Beach Boat Ramp Etiquette

Spring and summer are busy times for the only public boat ramp at Wrightsville Beach. Located at the junction of the I-40 terminus and US Hwy 74, aka the Martin Luther King Parkway, it is just to the left after crossing the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge. Although most boaters take a safe boating course, many never grasp the fact that practicing good manners should happen both in and out of the water. Before planning a day of boating or fishing, please review a few simple suggestions regarding boat ramp etiquette.
  • Practice makes perfect - If you are not comfortable maneuvering your vessel down the boat ramp and into the water, then by all means practice a few times before attempting it on a busy weekend morning. Everyone is anxious to start their day on the water, so please don't hold up fellow boaters while you try and try again.
  • Pack the boat before leaving home - The public boat ramp is not the place to transfer everything you'll need for the day from your car. Take care of that before you have your boat trailer poised on the ramp holding up traffic. Consider what you'll need, load it up, ice it down and secure it properly before leaving home.
  • Pay it forward - Remember the kind old salty dog who came to your rescue with some WD-40 when your winch seized up? When you see someone having trouble - be that guy! Rather than getting impatient and surly, offer a hand and be prepared to get turned down - it's a man thing, ok? If that happens, at least you tried!
  • Go the extra mile - Since the public ramp at Wrightsville Beach only has 68 parking spaces, consider having a friend or family member drive your vehicle and trailer back home or to your vacation rental, so the space can be free for one more boater. Who can't use a little extra good karma?
We hope these Wrightsville Beach boat ramp suggestions are helpful as we launch into our high season of boating and beach adventures. Enjoy!

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