Monday, March 25, 2013

Get in Shape for Summer with Wrightsville Beach Parks and Rec!

So - how’s it going with those New Year’s resolutions you made to lose weight and get in shape? Although getting outside and improving your fitness level can be tough in the winter, with spring almost here, there are no excuses! Thankfully, the Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation Department operates a variety of programs for all ages. From Aerobics to Zumba, you’re sure to find something that sparks your interest. Honestly, you’ll probably be hard-pressed to narrow your choices down to just one!

To participate, there is no membership requirement and the athletic equipment is provided. Both Wrightsville Beach residents and visitors are welcome. Most classes do require a small fee which is mentioned on the WB Parks & Rec website. Here’s a look at just a few of the ongoing programs:

Dance Classes - Both line dancing and shag classes are offered. Either one of these fun choices is a great way to learn, meet new people, and enjoy yourself. Learning these moves is also a wonderful tactic to get ready for upcoming parties, concerts, and weddings.

Bridge - If you’ve always wanted to learn, now’s your chance! In addition to learning the game, workshops are offered several times a year that offer tips for how to improve your skills.

Yoga - Discover which style is right for you-gentle or power yoga, maybe both?

Pilates - What an excellent way to get ready for swimsuit season! This class is a sure fire way to increase your flexibility and muscle tone.

Zumba - As the WB Parks and Rec website says, “Party yourself into shape with this Latin-inspired dance-fitness program.” Sounds like an effortless and exhilarating way to get fit!

The above-mentioned classes are just the tip of the iceberg. So much more is offered, such as flag football, tennis, extreme cross training, and kid’s cooking. Check out the WB Parks & Rec Calendar for more details on this event, including fees, class times, and locations as well as other WB Parks & Rec events scheduled this year.

Aside from what is available through the Wrightsville Beach Parks and Rec Department, the park area itself provides a refreshing change of pace for those who prefer exercising alfresco. Walking or jogging around the “The Loop” is an addictive activity. The beauty of that is all you need are your tennis shoes, and perhaps an I-Pod.

Those that enjoy a little action on the court may be able to get in on a pick-up game of b-ball. Tennis buffs can use the backboard area to perfect their strokes, take lessons, sign up for the WB Tennis Ladder, or simply enjoy a few impromptu sets. One thing is for sure - with all of these options, improving your fitness level is fun and easy!

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