Monday, August 29, 2011

Wrightsville Beach Condos & Real Estate

Purchasing a Wrightsville Beach condo can be the ideal solution to getting the beach property you've always wanted at a more affordable price and with amenities that help improve your quality of life on the island.  A condo on Wrightsville Beach can be oceanfront with water views, private beach access, swimming pool, garage, elevator, and more.

If you've thought before that Wrightsville Beach real estate might be beyond your reach, then looking for a condo on the island might be just the right start for you.  From luxurious oceanfront condos to one bedroom units in one of our island's favorite resorts, there are a ton of great options when it comes to searching for condos.

Wrightsville Beach Condo as a Vacation Home or Investment Property

Condos can be especially valuable when it comes to considering a vacation home or investment property.  HOA's may take care of most of the exterior maintenance freeing you up to simply enjoy the condo and the beach while you're there or while vacationers are staying there.  The peace of mind of having close neighbors while you're away and the ease of having someone look in on your property affords condo owners the confidence and flexibility they need when it comes to a vacation home or investment property.

Wrightsville Beach Condo as a Primary Residence

If you're looking to relocate or retire to a Wrightsville Beach condo, there are options for many different budgets.  Condos on the island come in many forms - from a shared home, to condo developments, to luxury oceanfront resort condos.  If you're choosing a condo as your primary residence, be sure it comes with the amenities you need (and want) for everyday living - think parking, elevator, pool, etc.  The expert agents at Hardee Hunt and Williams Real Estate can help match you up with a beautiful Wrightsville Beach condo that suits your budget and needs for your next primary residence.

Contact Hardee Hunt and Williams

Hardee Hunt and Williams is a boutique Wrightsville Beach Real Estate company with close relationships with many of the island's condo communities.  Whether you're looking for a vacation home, investment property, or primary residence, Hardee Hunt and Williams is your source for Wrightsville Beach condos.

Contact their agents today at 910-256-6998.

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